Startup Investor Spotlight: EVC Ventures

EVC Ventures

EVC Ventures focuses on early-stage companies addressing significant challenges in the ecosystem. In addition to investing capital, they also help startups identify new opportunities to expand and go global in preparation for the next phase of growth.

EVC Ventures

Managing Partner, Anjli Jain

Name of VC FundEVC Ventures

Location:Chicago, US and Gurgaon, India


Executive Leader, Managing Partner: Anjli Jain

Partner: Jay Khan

Corporate Communications, Assistant Vice President – Sayantan Dasgupta

This article is part of our Startup Investor Spotlight featuring angel networks/Funds and VC Funds. We hope these spotlights will inform and inspire the entrepreneur concerning financing options and opportunities.

There are numerous operating models being pursued by angel networks/funds and VC funds. How does yours work? How does it differentiate you?

EVC VenturesEVC Ventures focuses on early-stage companies addressing significant challenges in the ecosystem. There are 2 goals that we look for in early-stage companies before investing:

  • A challenge targeting a global market
  • A passion towards building a better future

Typically, we invest from $100,000 to $5,000,000 in exchange for equity in companies that fit our investment criterion.  In addition, we help these startups identify new opportunities to expand and go global in preparation for the next phase of growth. In summary, we provide capital and mentorship support to help entrepreneurs turn ideas into unicorns.

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In which industries and sectors do you invest? Are there specific industries, sectors or types of opportunities you avoid?

Since inception, we have invested in a diversified portfolio of startups, specifically in sectors like EdTech, SaaS, Enterprise Software, e-Commerce and Security. We are a technology-driven Venture Capital firm focused on converting entrepreneurial ideas into compelling fundable propositions and a viable businesses in the shortest possible period.

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Does EVC Ventures build their portfolio based on any geographic preferences?

 EVC Ventures operates in the United States and India. However, we are open to investing in startups globally.

What key attributes do you look for when selecting companies for investment?

We look for a realistic valuation with a sizable market and scalability of the business. It is very important to have great management who understand the significance and impact of the goal and mission of the company.

In a startup, we ask:

  • Are you solving a real, big problem or disrupting a market?
  • Do you have the resources to execute the game plan?

In an Entrepreneur, we look for:

  • Communication skills
  • Accountability
  • Creativity
  • In-depth market knowledge

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At what stage of startup development do you prefer to invest?

Our fund focuses on investing in early stage tech companies that fit our investment criterion. EVC Ventures has invested in a diversified portfolio of startups targeting a global market and has an interest in EdTech, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, IoT, SaaS and Security.

Tell us more about your team. Do you work with companies beyond the provision of funding? If so, how do you support them?

EVC VenturesYes, we work with companies beyond funding. It is gratifying, and more important than capital alone, to invest our time and passion and to share experiences and lessons learned with the CEOs-in-training who lead our startups. Our team of industry leaders help accelerate startup growth. Seeing our portfolios mature, grow and make better and more informed decisions with our guidance is a rewarding experience.

Which startups are examples of the types of investments you pursue? What specifically differentiates them?

BlackBeltHelp, a leading provider of AI based helpdesk support to higher education, and QuickLaunch, a Security and Identity Management platform for enterprises and higher education institutions, are great examples of the kind of startups that specifically fit our investment criterion.

As a venture capital fund, we have always focused on the importance of technology, and startups based in EdTech, AI, Blockchain, SaaS, Security etc. are particularly focused on building the foundations for a better tomorrow through technology. That really differentiates them from other players in the market.

What trends in the startup world are you most excited about?

We are very excited about Artificial Intelligence and the Machine Learning wave hitting the startup ecosystem. There is a rapid progression towards statistical learning methods to ensure that goals are not just for today but to solve a bigger problem tomorrow.

What else would you like to share?

If you have a game changing idea in EdTech, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and robotics, we are looking to support you. Apply here.

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