Launchopedia – Our Story


Entrepreneurs are born hundreds of times across America every year. People start businesses with high hopes and expectations. Launchopedia is here to help guide the generations of the present and the future.

Launchoepdia is a product of FundingSage and exists to chronicle the journey of developing companies of various sizes and industries, share advice and experiences, and provide guidance for the innovators of the future.

The Birth of FundingSage

What happens when a serial entrepreneur,  IT professional, top-ranked military strategist and Mergers & Acquisitions expert walk into an office? Ideas and business conversations thrive.

During these discussions amongst these four business-savvy individuals, a common theme emerged. How can entrepreneurs find support, guidance, and advice for one another without face to face conversations? Why is the entrepreneurial world so fragmented? Is there a platform that can help guide individuals from a simple idea to a multi-faceted venture?

This is how FundingSage came to be.

The goal of FundingSage is to guide entrepreneurs through the entrepreneurial journey. By providing real-world experiences, lessons of success and failure, listing resources from reputable sources and covering the most asked questions from around the world, we are able to assist the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs.

Lessons, Experiences, and Problems in the Entrepreneurship World

The conversation of entrepreneurship did not just appear out of thin air. The four entrepreneurs were investors in a local angel group. They had witnessed countless potential entrepreneurs pitch their business plans for various amounts of funding. This is where they realized that many entrepreneurs simply did not understand the Funding Life Cycle, how to construct and discuss a strong team or build an advisory board, and lacked the experience or network to improve their weaknesses.

Upon further research, it was noted that there is no singular website that entrepreneurs could use to take their idea from concept to a fully formed startup. The four individuals began writing down their experiences and building out FundingSage. They determined budding innovators and entrepreneurs needed guidance in three core areas: building a business, understanding funding methodology, and becoming part of a startup ecosystem.

The Launchopedia Index

This index can help understand the theory behind the layout of FundingSage.

How To

Developing a business venture is not a quick or simple task. While keeping in mind that time is the most valuable resource to an entrepreneur, the “How To” section was created so that individuals can find answers to their questions quickly and effectively. This is broken up into seven sections.

Funding Life Cycle

Funding is the lifeline for organizations across the globe. Without it, it is nearly impossible to scale a company. This is how businesses are able to take the next step in production, cumulating resources, or hiring extra personnel. A comprehensive understanding of the Funding Life Cycle can increase your chances of being backed by investors. This process is broken down into five steps.

Startup Ecosystem

Finally, entrepreneurs need to create a support system within their network and community. This process takes a huge amount of time and research just to gain knowledge of who to talk to and where to go. We’ve broken down startup ecosystems into two subsections: startup stories and startup infrastructure. Here is a list of materials you can find between the two.

Launch Your Idea Today

We’ve taken all of our knowledge from running FundingSage and developed a product called LaunchXL. Through this service, entrepreneurs can apply what they’ve learned through FundingSage and utilize resources located exclusively in LaunchXL to help turn an idea into a comprehensive business ready to pitch to investors. Try out LaunchXL beta for free today!