Acronyms for Startups

Here is a listing of  startup acronyms commonly used by entrepreneurs, investors, accelerators, and others who interact with startup ventures and startup financing:

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ACA -  Angel Capital Association  
ACCT -  Account
ACRS -  Accelerated Cost Recovery System.
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ADR -  American Depositary Receipt
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AMT -  Alternative Minimum Tax.
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AP -  Accounts Payable
APA -  Asset Purchase Agreement
API -  Application Programming Interface
AR -  Accounts Receivable
ARC -  African Regional Conference
ARC -  Appalachian Regional Council
ARR -  Annual Recurring Revenue.
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ARR -  Annual Run Rate
ASP -  Application Service Provider
ATDC -  Advanced Technology Development Center
AUM -  Assets Under Management
B2B -  Business to Business.
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B2C -  Business to Consumer.
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BDC -  Business Development Company
BHAG -  Big Hairy Audacious Goal.
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BOD -  Board of Directors
BR -  Bounce Rate
BS -  Balance Sheet
CAC -  Customer Acquisition Cost
CAGR -  Compound Annual Growth Rate.
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CAO -  Chief Analytics Officer.
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CAO -  Chief Accounting Officer
CAPEX -  Capital Expenditures
CAPM -  Capital Assets Pricing Model
CCE -  Society for Corporate Compliance and Ethics
CDO -  Chief Data Officer
CEO -  Chief Executive Officer
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CfIRA -  Crowdfunding Intermediary Regulatory Advocates
CFO -  Chief Financial Officer.
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CFP -  Certified Financial Planner
CfPA -  Crowdfunding Professional Association
CIM -  Confidential Information Memorandum
CIO -  Chief Intelligence Officer
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CIO -  Chief Information Officer
CLTV -  Customer Lifetime Value
CMO -  Chief Marketing Officer.
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CMS -  Content Management System
COB -  Close of Business
COGS -  Cost of Goods Sold
COO -  Chief Operating Officer.
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CPA -  Cost per Acquisition
CPA -  Certified Public Accountant
CPC -  Cost per Click
CPC -  Cost per Conversion
CPL -  Cost per Lead
CPU -  Central Processing Unit
CPU -  Cost per Unit
CR -  Conversion Rate
CR -  Credit
CRM -  Customer Relationship Management
CSO -  Chief Security Officer
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CT -  Cap Table
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CTA -  Call to Action
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CTO -  Chief Technical Officer
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CTR -  Click-through Rate
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DCF -  Discounted Cash Flow
DD -  Due Diligence
DFCF -  Debt Free Cash Flow
DNS -  Domain Name Server
DR -  Debit
DSCR -  Debt Service Coverage Ratio
EBAN -  European Business Angels Network
EBIT -  Earnings Before Interest and Taxes
EBITDA -  Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization.
EIN -  Employer Identification Number
EOD -  End of Day
EOI -  Expression of Interest
EOM -  End of Message
EOW -  End of Week
EPS -  Earnings per Share
ERISA -  Employee Retirement Income Security Act.
ESOP -  Employee Stock Option Plan
ESP -  Email Service Provider
ETA -  Estimated Time of Arrival
EV -  Enterprise Value
FCF -  Free Cash Flow
FEIN -  Federal Employer Identification Number
FFF -  Friends & Family Round
FFO -  Funds From Operations
FIFO -  First In First Out
FMA -  First Mover Advantage
FTE -  Full Time Employee
FY -  Fiscal Year
GA -  Google Analytics
GAAP -  Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
GC -  General Counsel
GEW -  Global Entrepreneurship Week
GMV -  Gross Merchandise Value
GP -  General Partner
HR -  Human Relations
HTML -  Hyper-text Markup Language
HTTP -  Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
HTTPS -  Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure
IB -  Investment Bank
ICR -  Interest Coverage Ratio
IM -  Instant Messaging
IP -  Intellectual Property
IP -  Internet Protocol
IP Address -  Internet Protocol Address
IPO -  Initial Public Offering.
IRA -  Individual Retirement Account
IRR -  Internal Rate of Return.
ISP -  Internet Service Provider
JOBS -  Jumpstart our Business Startups Act
KISS -  Keep it Simple Stupid
KPI -  Key Performance Indicator
LBO -  Leveraged Buyout
LIFO -  Last In First Out
LLC -  Limited Liability Company
LOI -  Letter of Intent
LP -  Limited Partner
LTM -  Last Twelve Months
LTV -  Lifetime Value
M&A -  Mergers & Acquisitions
MAC -  Material Adverse Change
MBI -  Management Buy-in
MBO -  Management Buyout
MESBIC -  Minority Enterprise Small Business Investment Companies
MF -  Management Fee
MoM -  Month over Month
MRR -  Monthly Recurring Revenue
MSP -  Multi-sided Platform
MTD -  Month to Date
MVP -  Minimal Viable Product
NACO -  National Angel Capital Association
NASD -  National Association of Securities Dealers
NAV -  Net Asset Value
NDA -  Non Disclosure Agreement
NPV -  Net Present Value
NRV -  Net Realizable Value
NYSE -  The New York Stock Exchange.
OCF -  Operating Cash Flow
OOO -  Out of Office
OS -  Operating System
OTC -  Over-the-Counter.
P/E -  Price to Earnings
P&L -  Profit and Loss Statement
PaaS -  Platform as a Service
PIK -  Payments in Kind
PIPE -  Private Investment for Public Equity.
PIV -  Pooled Investment Vehicle.
PM -  Project Manager
POC -  Proof of Concept
POC -  Point of Contact
PPC -  Pay per Click
PR -  Public Relations
PSA -  Purchase Sales Agreement
PTE -  Part-time Employee
PTO -  Paid Time Off
PV -  Page View
QA -  Quality Assurance
QoQ -  Quarter over Quarter
QPAM -  Qualified professional asset manager as defined by ERISA.3
- Synonyms: Qualified Professional Asset Manager
QPAM -  Qualified Professional Asset Manager
R&D -  Research and Development
RAM -  Random Access Memory
RFP -  Request for Proposal
ROA -  Return on Assets
ROC -  Return on Capital
ROE -  Return on Equity
ROI -  Return on Investment
ROIC -  Return on Invested Capital
ROR -  Ruby on Rails
RRR -  Required Rate of Return
RTO -  Reverse Takeover
SaaS -  Software as a Service.
SAFE -  Simple Agreement for Future Equity
SBA -  Small Business Administration
SBIC -  Small Business Investment Company
SBIR -  Small Business Innovation Research Program
SEM -  Search Engine Marketing
SEO -  Search Engine Optimization
SHA -  Shareholders Agreement
SM -  Servicemark
SM -  Social Media
SMB -  Small to Medium Business
SME -  Subject Matter Expert
SME -  Small and Medium Enterprises
SMM -  Social Media Marketing
SOP -  Standard Operating Procedure
SPA -  Stock Purchase Agreement
SPAC -  Specified Purpose Acquisition Company
STTR -  The Small Business Technology Transfer program.
SWOT -  Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats Analysis
TAM -  Total Addressable Market
TAV -  Tangible Asset Value
TM -  Trademark
TS -  Term Sheet
TSA -  Transitional Services Agreements
UI -  User Interface
ULPA -  Uniform Limited Partnership Act
URL -  Universal Resource Locator.
USPTO -  United States Patent & Trademark office
UV -  Unique Visitor
UX -  User Experience
VC -  Venture Capital / Venture Capitalist
VDR -  Virtual Data Room
VPN -  Virtual Private Network
WACC -  Weighted Average Cost of Capital
WOM -  Word of Mouth
WoW -  Week over Week
YOY -  Year over year.
YTD -  Year to Date