Global Investor Register

Global Investor Register

Global Investor Register is a curated listing of Angel Networks, Funds, VCs and Corporate VCs from around the world.

The register includes investor organizations from Providence, RI to Austin, TX to Orlando, FL and parts in between.  It is an evergreen listing we are maintaining for entrepreneurs seeking information on investor organizations.  This listing, which includes an overview of the investor shared by its’ management, includes links to these FundingSage interviews with the investor organization’s home page. All listing are in alphabetical order, with new additions updated on a continuing basis.


Angels of Southwest Louisiana

Angels of Southwest Louisiana

Startup Investor Spotlight: Angels of Southwest Louisiana

Location:Lake Charles, Louisiana

Managing Director: Ron McGinley

Overview: The Angels of Southwest Louisiana is a Non-Profit Corporation involved in Entrepreneurship educational development and economic diversity within Southwest Louisiana. We are dedicated to fostering Entrepreneurship and encouraging Innovation to provide quality early stage investment opportunities for our Network of Accredited Investors.


BAAStartup Investor Spotlight: Boise Angel Alliance

Location: Boise, Idaho

President: Mark Roberts

Overview: The Boise Angel Alliance (BAA) acts as the parent oversight body for providing education to angel investors and for creation of new member-managed angel funds. Each fund includes investors who purchase units of $50,000, with cash contributions occurring in five separate trances as the fund approves investments. The investors serve on three committees: Screening, Portfolio, and Co-Investment as well as participate in Due Diligence committees for potential new investments.


EVC VenturesStartup Investor Spotlight: EVC Ventures

Location: Chicago, US and Gurgaon, India

Executive Leader, Managing Partner: Anjli Jain

Overview: EVC Ventures focuses on early-stage companies addressing significant challenges in the ecosystem. In addition to investing capital, they also help startups identify new opportunities to expand and go global in preparation for the next phase of growth.


Nexea AngelsStartup Investor Spotlight: Nexea Angels

LocationMalaysia / Southeast Asia

Operations Manager: Ben Lim

Overview: Nexea Angels focus on value building through mentors who have contributed immense amounts of knowledge, experience and networking opportunities to Startups. We handpick our mentors/investors so only the proven business owners are allowed to guide our Startups.


NexusStartup Investor Spotlight: Nexus

Location: Florida

Operations Manager: Eric X. Ramos

Overview: NEXUS is a nonprofit membership organization that connects individual investors with funding opportunities for early-stage high-growth companies. To put it simply, we are the eHarmony for matching entrepreneurs with individual accredited investors, funds and family offices.


North Bay AngelsStartup Investor Spotlight: North Bay Angels

Location:Healdsburg, CA

Board of Directors Member: Michele Chaboudy

Overview: We invest as individuals rather than using a fund. Many angel groups use the same method of investment. However, we do have a network, started by North Bay Angels, called InSync, that includes 12+ regional angel groups covering Northern California and Silicon Valley. We have a separate Gust and Proseeder platform for those startups that are in this network. A startup must apply through one of the individual groups before it can be included in InSync. A startup can be presented to the network if one of the lead investors from a member angel group places it on the Gust or Proseeder platform.


RevUpStartup Investor Spotlight: RevUp by Betaspring

Location: Providence, Rhode Island

Managing Director: Melissa Withers

Overview: Rather than take equity, RevUp uses a revenue-based model where companies return investment as a percentage of revenue over time. So we win when our companies win. We invest on a rolling basis and in multiple cities at the same time and in both B2B and B2C companies.


Southwest Angel NetworkStartup Investor Spotlight: Southwest Angel Network

Location: Austin, TX

Executive Director: Bob Bridge

Overview: The Southwest Angel Network focuses on supporting early-stage companies which are addressing significant challenges facing society. The network has two important goals, making the world a better place and making a return for our investors.


Tri-CitiesStartup Investor Spotlight: The Angel Roundtable

Location: Tri-Cities, TN/VA

Managing Director: Tony Lettich

Overview: ART is an angel network made up of approximately two and one half dozen members. We filter, screen, review and complete due diligence on opportunities as a group. Hence, we share the efforts related to identifying and vetting opportunities. Once vetted, investment decisions are made on an individual basis by each member based on their interest and personal conclusions related to the opportunity. Interested members then invest as a group through an LLC investment Vehicle.


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Tony Lettich

Tony Lettich has previous Business Analysis, Business Valuation, M&A, and Venture Capital experience and currently serves as the Managing Director of The Angel Roundtable and a Partner in Sheehan, Lettich M&A Advisory. He is also a co-founder of FundingSage, which provides valuable information, tools and resources to entrepreneurs seeking to launch and build startups.