Accelerator Success Stories

Startup Success Stories

Accelerator Success Stories features two dozen examples of recent graduates from accelerators across the country and select locations around the world.  Check them out!

Blue Startups, Honolulu, HawaiiAccelerator

  • Volta
    Builds free electric car charging networks for communities. They partner with commercial site owners providing charging stations, installation and a split of advertising revenue. Currently, they have secured $12.5 million of equity and project financing and they are set to expand the network of more than 100 outdoor stations into more communities with the goal of positioning brands as enablers of the future.
  • FloWater
    Using the newest technology in reusable water bottle Refill Stations, delivering a high quality, environmentally friendly alternative to bottled water. They have raised $4 million and have deployed over 400 units.
  • Vantage Sports
    Goal is to affect all aspects of sports by combining the best minds of the game with the best technology in the world. They have raised $3 million in follow-on funding and have partnered with multiple NBA teams to provide deep analytics to improve player performance.
  • AreaMetrics
    Raised $2 million and they gather powerful foot-traffic insights and empower brick & mortar merchants to create meaningful connections with customers. Their platform leverages a network of millions of app users to gather retention rates, customer demographics, bounce rates and other key performance indicators.


Boom Startup, Salt lake City, Utah

  • SimpleCitizen
    SimBoomStartupplified the complex immigration process and made applying for a green card as simple as doing your taxes.
  • Ardusat
    Provides an interactive platform focused toward STEM education and gives instruction on how to run experiments in the classroom.
  • Tute Genomics
    Powering the world’s genomic knowledge with a cloud-based solution for precision genome-guided medicine. Genomics is changing healthcare as we know it and Tute is helping to shape the future of medicine.
  • ProMD
    An integrated patient mobile application that simplifies discharge instructions, facilitates patient compliance and improves outcomes.
  • T3S Technologies
    Provides genetically engineered bacterial cells that are designed to expand their biologics manufacturing capabilities and dramatically shortens the current manufacturing process.


FounderFuel-logo-600 (2)

Founder Fuel , Montreal Canada

  • Sharethebus
    A Montreal company which organizes bus transportation for groups, companies and sports teams for sporting and other events such as concerts and festivals is a recent alumni company from FounderFuel that is currently in Y Combinator and has great traction.


Healthbox Studios, Chicago (HQ), Illinois;  

Boston, Massachusetts; Los Angeles, California; Orlando, Salt Lake City, Utah; Tel Aviv, Israel healthbox logo

Prosper Women Entrepreneurs, St Louis, MissouriPWEStartupAccelerator_PNG_Image

  • Sixplus
    A company that creates private dining group experiences. One can choose from private rooms in restaurants, banquet halls, restaurant buyouts and more. They streamline payment so you don’t have to worry about splitting the check.
  • Janus Choice
    Helps hospitals find the right after care for their patients when they are discharged. The unique technology allows for a match between the patient and the facility which can deliver the right services, insurance, location and quality metrics.



Seamless Accelerator Success Stories, Grand Rapids, Michigan

  • Hoana
    A smart connected bed cover that created with Faurecia, the Active Wellness automobile seat to detect road rage or drowsiness in drivers (as seen on CNBC).
  • SeamlessHAAS
    Developed its alerting hardware and software API to integrate into automobiles and Bluetooth helmets. As a result of Seamless participation, it secured tests at M-City, City of Grand Rapids Fire Department and now the Chicago Fire Department.
  • AlSentis
    With Steelcase, created a development kit that will showcase the technology’s ability to sense touch through any fabric and it’s integration into almost any surface, as well as equity financing rounds by Start Garden Fund and Steelcase.
  • Scanalytics
    An inventor of Internet-connected floor sensors, announced a $200,000 investment from Start Garden Fund.


Seed Sumo, Bryan, Texas

  • Seed Sumo AcceleratorGazoo
    Created high performance virtual machines at a scale that currently doesn’t exist in the market. They have attracted a high quality CEO to help them through this next stage of growth and are attracting some very interesting VCs running towards their Series A.
    Making politics cool. Their initial application will help local politicians get feedback from their citizens in real time in a way that previously hasn’t been possible. They will be used by about 50 cities by the end of 2016.
  • Knocki
    Created a device that turns any surface into a remote control. You can knock (or tap) to turn on smart lights, set the alarm, send a text, or control the temperature of your home. They’ve had overwhelming support and positive feedback. Recently the Tyra Banks show reached out to feature them, which was exciting, and they are also in talks to partner with an international furniture company.
  • CarForce
    A connected car company. Their CEO formerly ran eBay motors ($7.3B enterprise) and has industry experience in the automotive space that carries a ton of credibility. There are 162 million cars on the road today that are not connected to the internet. By 2020, 80% of cars will be connected. CarForce has created a business model that increases customer retention and satisfaction for dealerships and also gets around 20 cars connected and growing  (per dealership per day).


Venture Hive, Miami, FL; Fort Walton Beach, FLventure hive logo 2

  • Raw Shorts
    Received $ 1.0 Million investment from New World Angels. This is a company that we helped early on in development and chose to stay within VentureHive Miami as an incubator company.
  • Drones Unlimited,
    After completing our program, they are now becoming one of the biggest drone-centric companies within the Gulf Coast.


Tony Lettich

Tony Lettich has previous Business Analysis, Business Valuation, M&A, and Venture Capital experience and currently serves as the Managing Director of The Angel Roundtable and a Partner in Sheehan, Lettich M&A Advisory. He is also a co-founder of FundingSage, which provides valuable information, tools and resources to entrepreneurs seeking to launch and build startups.