You Can’t Think Like an Investor Until You Become One [Infographic]

Think Like Investor

Investors have a big picture view of the whole investment cycle. To think like an investor, you can’t follow the crowd. You’ll need expert guidance in order to frame your own investment portfolio.

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Think Like Investor

Remember, “money” is not the end goal.

However, it is part of the path to venture success. No investor wants to come in ‘cold’. Most want to get to know prospective investees first. Investors generally have a set of “filter” questions they ask to potential ventures that kick off the screening process. After passing the initial screening, the startup has the chance to pitch to investors. The pitch will include an explanation of 6 fundamental documents that describe the business.

I can guarantee that being a considerate and passionate investor will make you a considerably better founder for any of your own ventures, which in itself will make you more investable. Understand there is a critical difference between confidence and arrogance, and develop a support system of mentors, personnel, and advisors to begin thinking like a true investor.

Infographic edited by Rebecca Cox

Dave Clark