3 Ways to Kill Your Company [Infographic]

Kill Your Company

There are infinite ways for startups to fail. While some factors may be out of your hands, entrepreneurs do have control over the success of the startup. Are you unknowingly on your way to kill your company?

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Kill Your Company

How Can You Avoid Failure?

Two words = Be Prepared.

This is a simple answer to a complex problem. No, you cannot plan for everything. However, you CAN learn from others mistakes. We’ve listed the top ways you may kill you company, but there still remains an abundance of lessons and advice to take in.

That’s what mentors, investors and FundingSage aim to provide to entrepreneurs. We look for those who want to make a change, bring diversity and innovation to society, and ultimately find success. Hundreds of thousands of startups have failed throughout the years, and plenty have documented their journey along the way. Want to learn more about what NOT to do? Check out these articles:

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Infographic edited by Rebecca Cox

Dave Clark