Accelerators Strike Big in Launch Tennessee’s “THE TENN” Class

Tennessee Accelerators

Launch Tennessee‘s unique master startup accelerator program, THE TENN has announced eight cohorts which had previously graduated from five of the startup accelerators of the state’s entrepreneur centers, have been chosen to participate in this year’s “TENN” program.

Like previous year participants, this class of cohorts is diverse; coming from technologies ranging from digital media to software to 3D Printing and from fields as diverse as music, law and medicine. Three of the cohorts are from a Memphis accelerator; two came from Nashville,  two from Knoxville, and one is from a Chattanooga accelerator.

The ore vein providing the most potential claims this year is StartCo out of Memphis, TN. StartCo is a venture development group which supports three accelerator programs, the SEED HATCHERY, SKY HIGH and UPSTART. The SEED HATCHERY is a B2B accelerator that connects B2B startups with the resources they need to grow. SKY HIGH is a social impact accelerator for IT solutions in education, poverty, crime, health care and urban innovation. UPSTART is a women-led technology accelerator that provides support to gender diverse startups.

The cohorts from the StartCo program include:

  • DivorceSecure
    A workflow and collaboration platform for divorce attorneys to automate and streamline the intake process and create a negotiation strategy based on the clients’ preferences;
  • LendMed
    Provides hospitals a controlled environment for borrowing and lending medical supplies, allowing them to initiate and approve requests, and keep an itemized accounting of debts; and
  • Preteckt
    Predicts vehicle breakdowns before they happen through hardware that is placed into the vehicle’s sensor data extracting over 16,000 signals in real-time.

On the heels of Memphis’ StartCo is Project Music out of Nashville, TN. Project Music is the Nashville Entrepreneur Center‘s efforts to support innovation within the music industry. To meet the unique needs of music-minded entrepreneurs the Nashville Entrepreneur Center is providing a year round music-entrepreneurship focus that brings music, tech and business leaders together to nurture startups desiring to grow music industry revenue.

Project MusicThe cohorts from the Project Music of the Nashville Entrepreneur Center include:

  • KaraoQ
    evelops technologies that enhance how people interact and engage in venues by digitizing the antiquated karaoke experience for nightlife enthusiasts; and
  • Remix Hits
    Turns licensed hit songs into software to aid music creators in the sampling/remix process, along with an automated licensing system that instantly determines royalty splits upon upload.

In addition to Project Music, the Nashville Entrepreneur Center is the home of Pre-Flight, a pre-accelerator dedicated to early stage businesses;  the Jumpstart Foundry, a healthcare focused mentor-driven accelerator with the mission to “Make Something Better”;  EO Catalyst, a small business accelerator; and 1440, an accelerator dedicated to the future of the content publishing industry.

Knoxville, TN shares two potential claims stakes in Innovasan from the Knoxville Entrepreneur Center‘s association with Chattanooga’s CO.LAB and Sing and Spell from its MediaWorks program . MediaWorks is a selective, highly immersive instructional and mentorship driven program for startups in the digital media sector, which includes digital video, augmented reality, digital signage, digital audio, video games, or digital art. The Knoxville Entrepreneur Center through CO.STARTERS in coordination with Chattanooga’s CO.LAB also provides a 9 week entrepreneurial program for startups.

MEDIAWORKSThe cohorts referenced from MediaWorks and Chattanooga’s CO.LAB in association with the Knoxville Entrepreneur Center include:

  • Innovasan
    Created the only technology solution for affordable, sustainable and safe on-site treatment of fluid medical waste in hospitals, surgery centers and other medical treatment facilities; and
  • Sing and Spell
    Has created an animated, musical program that teaches pre-preschoolers alphabet letter basics through lessons and original songs.

Chattanooga TN’s CO.LAB continued its strong presence in the annual program with 3D /Robotics entry Branch Technology, in addition to its joint entry Innovasan from Knoxville. The Company Lab, (CO.LAB) serves entrepreneurs by creating a collaborative environment for its programs which include the CO.LAB Accelerator a mentor driven startup accelerator designed for high growth potential companies and the GIGTANK, a summer tech accelerator designed for startups leveraging Chattanooga’s “GIG” network.

GigTankA brief description of Branch technology from the GIGTANK out of the CO.LAB in Chattanooga follows:

  • Branch Technology
    Combines freeform 3D printing technology, large scale industrial robots and conventional construction materials to create buildings without design limits.

As observed above, this cohort, like predecessor years of THE TENN, offers an outstanding ore vein for the mining investor.

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Alexa Cleek