Small Business Administration

The Small Business Administration (SBA) site is a comprehensive source for information on starting and operating a small business. However, it can be difficult to navigate. There are multiple links that seem to address the same issue, but don’t always take you where you need to go. You could spend hours looking through this site, some productive, some wasteful.



Here are some useful links if you are looking at SBA Loan financing:

  • Information Site
    This site gives a brief outline of different financing options. It is very general and does not give detailed information or useful links to specific financing options.
  • SBA Loan Site
    This is a useful site for understanding SBA Loan Programs. It is just a broad overview. The link below is much more helpful in understanding the specifics of the loan programs.
  • SBA Loan Programs
    This is an extremely useful site for understanding SBA Loans. It gives links to the different loan programs. These pages explain how the loans work, give eligibility criteria, fees, rates and terms.

SBA Lending Information:

  • Lender Documentation Tool
    On this page, you identify the type of loan you want and it will identify the documentation you will need and provides links to those documents. For the “do it yourselfer,” this is a useful site.
  • Find an SBA Lender
    The Small Business Administration does actually lend money. The program is administered through commercial banks in your area. This is a link to the SBA search engine that may assist in finding a lender in your area.

Be sure to talk with your local banks to see if they are an SBA lender. They will be able to give you specific information about your local options.