Startup Accelerator Spotlight: Sprint Accelerator

Sprint Accelerator

The Sprint Accelerator model gives corporations access to innovative products and services while simultaneously giving startups access to unprecedented corporate resources.

Sprint Accelerator

Managing Director, Doug Dresslaer

Name of Accelerator: Sprint Accelerator

Location: Kansas City, MO


Managing Director:  Doug Dresslaer

This article is part of our Startup Accelerator Spotlight featuring accelerators from around the world. We hope these spotlights will assist the entrepreneur should they consider attending an accelerator program.

In two sentences or less, tell us about your accelerator and its objectives.

The Sprint Corporate Accelerator joins with corporations to bring in startups that align with each corporation’s strategic goals. Our model gives corporations access to innovative products and services while simultaneously giving startups access to unprecedented corporate resources.

Why is your accelerator program unique? Please describe the benefits of participation in your program.

  • Access to corporations that can help startups grow faster
  • Multiple verticals in each program – 2018 will feature AgTech, Food and IoT
  • State-of-the-art workspace facilities
  • Targeted, strategic meetings with the corporate sponsor teams to discuss business development, pilots and potential sponsorships
  • Mentors from the Corporate Sponsors and their respective networks and business sponsors
  • Mentors from the investor, business development and entrepreneurial communities
  • Business building sessions around product, brand and marketing

5 Steps from Concept to Startup

What is the most difficult part of working with startups?

Sprint Accelerator

Getting startups in front of the right investors is a challenge. We seek investors who can help provide the needed funding, but who also go above and beyond the financial investment to help the company grow and to be an asset in a variety of ways.

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What do you find most appealing about working with entrepreneurial startups?

The most appealing part of working with entrepreneurs is their energy and dedication to solving a problem.

Tell us about your success stories. Which are the most interesting companies to have participated in your program?

FitBark has built a fitbit for dogs. It tracks your dog’s daily activity which also encourages pet owners to be more active. They also compile the data they receive so that animal health companies can learn more about dogs based on their breed, age, size, etc.

From our most recent class, TradeLanes is seeing great strides in growth as well as customer acquisition. The TradeLanes platform automates global trade by focusing on agriculture firms, lowering costs and removing days from the supply chain. Through digitizing documents, tracking shipments, notifying shippers of supply status, online bookings and detailed reports, the TradeLanes platform aims to make trade more efficient.

What are the 3 most important factors startup entrepreneurs should consider when contemplating attending an accelerator?

  1. Does the program have access to the resources/mentors/investors that your business needs in order to grow?
  2. Does the program have a successful track record?
  3. Will the program and its resources continue to help you build your business after the program ends?

What else would you like to share?

As of now, applications for our 2018 program are open at

Are you familiar with other accelerators you believe should be highlighted?  If so, we would like to hear from you.  Tell us about them in the comments below!

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