Key to Startup Success: Customer Discovery [Infographic]

Customer Discovery

Customer Discovery is not a static, one time operation. It is a continuous flow. The more you know about who will use your product, the greater the likelihood of success.

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Customer Discovery

Piecing the Puzzle Together

In conclusion, understanding the customer is an essential component of a much larger equation. Too often, fresh ideas from innovative minds never make it to market, or fail within the first 5 years. Entrepreneurs tend to forget to step back, analyze the bigger picture, and piece together all the components to achieve success.

We’ve broken down the 5 steps to turn your idea into a business.

  1. Customer discovery is crucial to step one – Ideation.
  2. Next, Competitive Environment puts the product or service into a comprehensive market perspective in step two.
  3. During step three, Organization, you will begin processing all the legal paperwork.
  4. Branding & Marketing occur in step four when you begin giving a “face” to your idea and business.
  5. Finally, in step five, entrepreneurs begin their Pitch for funding.

Infographic edited by Rebecca Cox

Dave Clark