Employee Agreements

Include as a foundation Non-Disclosure Agreements, (NDAs), also known as Confidentiality Agreements, and are formal legal agreements between an employer and an employee.  The NDAs’ purpose is to provide a process under which employees maintain the company’s confidential or sensitive information, such that it is not shared or accessible by third parties.  Depending on the level of their position within the company, an employee’s agreement may also include Non-compete clauses, which, depending on the jurisdiction may prevent an employee from directly competing against the employer should they cease their employment. Similarly, Non-solicitation clauses which prevent employees from soliciting employees or customers, should they cease their employment, may be included.  Intellectual Property Assignment clauses assigning rights of discoveries during an employee’s tenure to the company and Freedom from  Conflict of Interests clauses validating the employee is free from conflicting relationships with third parties are also typical in the employment agreements of certain employees.6

Alexa Cleek