The Elevator Pitch – 20 Items to Consider and 1 Way to Be Successful

elevator pitch

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el·e·va·tor pitch

noun informal
a succinct and persuasive sales pitch.

from the idea of having to impress a senior executive during a brief ride in an elevator.

The majority of elevator pitch statements that I hear are horrible. It’s not that they are always poorly written; they are just miserable in their own unique way.

Now, while I believe I am great at a lot of things, this is not one of my areas of expertise. So, I spent most of this morning researching all the components required to develop a great elevator speech. My review of what professional bloggers, expert journalists and professional guides have to offer on this topic has helped me to understand why so many elevator speeches are so poorly written. They are missing the most critical point. Here’s a somewhat consolidated list of what I found:

Your Elevator Pitch Must Be…

  1. BullseyeConcise
  2. Powerful
  3. Leave the door open
  4. Visual
  5. Tell a story
  6. Targeted
  7. Goal oriented
  8. Contain a “hook”
  9. Tell about you
  10. Describe a problem
  11. Offer a solution
  12. Have a call to action
  13. Original
  14. Use understandable terms
  15. Ask a question
  16. Strong
  17. Authentic
  18. Interesting
  19. Conversational
  20. Make a connection

While I am sure your quick pitch statement should contain at least some of the elements in this compilation of various lists, I am even more sure that a perfectly crafted line will fall on deaf ears unless it is delivered with conviction. If YOU have a hard time buying into your elevator pitch, your listeners will too. If YOU aren’t passionate about what you are communicating, no one else will care either.

In summary, I will offer my non-expert marketing advice for writing and deliver an effective elevator pitch:

Write and speak what YOU truly believe to be wonderful and unique about YOUR offering.

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Matthew Cleek

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