An Advisory Board: 7 Reasons They are Critical to the Scalable Startup [Infographic]

advisory board

The advice, counsel and support of an advisory board is required to accomplish substantive objectives of a scaling startup.

Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of believing they can do it all.

It’s a common thought: they’ve identified a need, created and designed a product, implemented a mission and strategy, and probably have begun to see interest in the market. So why would they need the advice of others? They won’t understand the product and company as thoroughly as the founder. Save your time, resources, and hard earned money for more important matters…right?


This is how you burn out. One person taking on the responsibility of multiple departments is essentially fighting themselves and decreasing the potential of their startup. An entrepreneur should be a diversified individual with an understanding that they can’t do it all, and recognize the need to hire help. Building a business will require the counsel of experts, and this is why advisory boards exist. Understanding what an advisory board will bring to your company is the first step in scaling your startup.

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advisory board


Does your startup need an advisory board?

How do you begin building a strong, diverse, and dependable advisory team? Here are the next steps: find eligible candidates, create a candidate recruitment package, and begin providing compensation. An advisory board is one the first of many important steps in improving your company.

Infographic edited by Rebecca Cox

Dave Clark